Sunday, May 30, 2010

Folded Rock

Since the publication of my book in 2005, people often ask me if I am still writing. Recently, friends have said, "you should write a blog!" Here is my first posting.

Today, Bill and I hiked Peaked Rock near Cambridge in Washington County. Well, we thought it was Peaked Rock, but the trail register said "Folded Rock." The DEC sign at the parking area also said Folded Rock although it has been Peaked for all the times we have hiked there in the past.

The summit (2.6 miles one way, 1000 feet elevation gain) offers beautiful views of the Battenkill Valley. Red barns, white houses, and tilled fields lie below, as the Battenkill meanders through the woods. Rolling hillsides beyond the valley are now mostly tree-covered. The whole view is framed by mature trees at the summit which makes the destination unusually shaded, a nice feature on a warm day.

We sat eating our lunch, shifting on the hard rock seats. I turned and looked at "my" rock--was it folded? It definitely wasn't peaked. It was on just enough of a tilt to make me look for the best sitting angle. Perhaps this destination should be called "Tilted Rock." Regardless, this is a great hike. Despite the 85 degree day, a cool breeze blew up the hillside and kept us very comfortable.

If you know why the name has changed, let me know.